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Mission Statement


Agape International Ministries Inc., Bible Training Institute (AIMBTI)  is a Christ-centered, Holy Spirit led ministry training program for individuals who have by faith received a Call of God upon their lives.  AIMBTI is committed to enhancing the God-given gifts of students so that they are able to successfully fulfill the assignments God has placed upon their lives. The institution is driven by a three-fold mission:


  • To gain recognition as an institute of producing national Biblical leaders.


  • To assume a state-wide leadership role in developing supernatural leaders through both the courses offered and anointed faculty guidance.


  • To serve as a model for various Bible Training Institutes in developing collaborative partnerships with Bible schools and utilizing visiting faculty members from like-minded ministries.




It is the vision of Agape International Ministries, Inc., Bible Training Institute (AIMBTI) to prepare each student to become change agents/Kingdom Advancers. The vision of AIMBTI is accomplished by drawing students into an integrated experience of intellectual growth, spiritual growth, and leadership development. AIMBTI challenges students to develop Christian characteristics, to aim for academic excellence, and prepare for next level assignments.





In the year 2000, Pastor Lucius McDowell was inspired by God to begin Agape International Ministries, Inc. Bible Training Institute (AIMBTI). The institution was organized to equip men and women who are called by God with biblical sound education. Although the Bible Institute was prompted by the Holy Spirit, Bishop Keith A. Butler of Word of Faith Christian Center of Southfield, Michigan, provided this method of ministry training concept for Pastor McDowell. Pastor Lucius McDowell graduated with honors from the Word of Faith Bible Training Center and was later ordained while serving faithfully as a staff minister.


AIMBTI charter class matriculated for eighteen months and later received certificates of completion in November 2002. Graduates of the charter class are presently serving in ministry and are on the path of accomplishing their God given assignments.  AIMBTI is an accredited non-governmental program offering concentration in Biblical Studies.


AIMBTI is accredited through The Accreditation Commission International, Inc. of Beebe, Arkansas.  The institute has been in operation since the year 2000. Through the diverse curriculum, students are prepared and exposed to cutting edge ministry courses, biblical principles, and strategic planning courses which are designed to equip students in their journey of faith.


Agape International Ministries, Inc. Bible Training Institute has designed its courses to prepare students to serve in local church assemblies and other forms of Christian work and ministry. With a balanced emphasis between biblical and theological subjects as well as general education requirements student experiences are considered to be functional and practical. All classes are taught from a biblical perspective, and are designed to impart revelation knowledge as well as practical knowledge concerning each subject of study.

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