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Agape International Ministries strives to fulfill its God inspired vision by meeting the spiritual needs of the community through a variety of community outreach ministries.  The philosophy of Agape is to help you and your families grow closer to God through exciting, fulfilling, spiritual experiences.  God has given us a great strategy by inviting you to become servants to others throughout the community.  Agape has developed ministries which can challenge you in your own life while helping others along the way.

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Kids For Christ Children’s Ministry

Kids for Christ Children’s Ministry is designed for children from age one month to ten years of age. Agape children are encouraged through a specially designed curriculum, biblical and hands-on, based upon Christ –centered teachings. The curriculum is designed to develop and challenge the following age groups: Nursery and Toddlers; Pre-Kindergarten; and 6 (six) to 10 (ten) years. The Children’s Ministry is staffed with professional, caring adults who are trained to provide a safe and secure environment conducive to children’s physical, social, and spiritual growth.

Agape Fire Youth Ministry

Agape Fire Youth Ministry promotes opportunities for youth to connect with God and develop interpersonal relationships. Agape Fire consists of students aged eleven (11) to eighteen (18). Through this ministry the multi-faceted needs of today’s youth are challenged from a Christian perspective. Youth receive Christ-centered teaching to facilitate a victorious life in Christ. They experience worship services and bible teaching which prompt youth of Agape Fire to grow in their personal walk with God and develop a life of faith.

Women of Destiny

Women of Destiny are a fellowship for women of all walks of life. The ministry celebrates womanhood and addresses issues many Christian women face day-to-day. The ministry purpose is to provide an atmosphere of fun, fellowship, and spiritual enhancement for relationships to be established. First Lady of Agape, Pastor Donna hosts programs to inspire women to reflect and display the image of a virtuous woman.​

Agape Men

Agape Men is a fellowship ministry for the men of Agape where spiritual growth, development, and camaraderie is fostered among the brotherhood of Agape. The Men’s fellowship is a journey into manhood where the principles from the Word of God aid in the development of the day-to-day walk of a Christian man. Men are encouraged and provided information to assist them in their roles in the marketplace, home and church. This fellowship trains men to live distinctly righteous lives as servants of the Lord.

Marriage Maintenance Ministry

Marriage Maintenance Ministry is a ministry designed to minister to the needs of married couples. Marital relationships are enhanced, enriched, and invigorated as couples are encouraged to develop sound, Christ-centered marital principles and practices. Couples are provided a warm atmosphere to foster fun and spirit-filled opportunities for couples to have a unique encounter with God.

Small Care Group

Small Care Group is a ministry of small groups of people come together to build relationships, study the Word of God, and encourage each other in developing faith. Agape Care Groups consists of Agape members and friends who focus on the following: Care about their relationships with God; Care about others; Care about the Community.

Evangelism/Outreach Ministry

Evangelism is the conscious attempt, through the Word of God and volunteer services to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others in order that they may become a disciple of Jesus Christ. Agape International Ministries desires to meet the demands of the church and the community. The church has become involved in mission projects which touches the lives of people throughout the world.


Y.A.M Young Adult Ministries

The Young Adults Ministry endeavors to provide spiritual nourishment and guidance to young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 through spiritual and social outreach opportunities in which young adults can fellowship, share in God’s Word, offer themselves in service, and build each other up in Christ.  We envision a Christ-centered, biblically-based ministry that equips and inspires young adults in our church and local community to live as disciples of Christ through studying, applying, sharing, and walking in God’s Word, thus empowering them to make an impact in the Kingdom of God and the world around them.

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