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Year 0ne


Year One Course Requirements 


EN 101 English Composition: This is a refresher course in both oral and written communication stressing the fundamental principles. Special attention is given to critical thinking, the selection and organization of materials, and the presentation of individual speeches and group deliberations.


BI 101 Living by the Book: This is an introductory study to provide a framework for studying the Bible. Hermeneutics, the science and art of scripture interpretation, will order ideas by using transitional devices in the analysis.


BI 102 Bible Study Methods: This course focuses on skills required for effective writing in a variety of contexts, with emphasis on exposition, analysis, and argumentation, and also introductory use of a variety of research skills to strengthen the grasp of effective scripture study. Using the books of Galatians, Ephesians, and other selected Epistles, this course will explore many practical methods of effective scripture study that can be used to discover truth in any book of the Bible.


FA 101 Word of Faith Doctrine: This course will give the student a basic understanding of church doctrines and introduce the basic Bible truths adhered to at Agape International Ministries.


BI 104 Old Testament Survey: This course presents a cursory review of the organization, development, basic theme and purpose, and also study of the canonicity, historical and cultural background of the Old Testament writings.


BI 105 New Testament Survey: This course examines each book of the New Testament with special emphasis on the particular message of each book and its relation to other New Testament books. Also, a comprehensive study of the historical, economical, political, and religious setting of the early church.


FA 102 Authority of the Believer: This course will enrich each student’s knowledge concerning the authority ordained by God and man. Students will realize the authority given to us, the church, in our position in Christ. We will examine authority given to leaders in the Bible and their effective use and/or failure to use it.


FA 103 Faith: This course will build and strengthen foundational Bible truths regarding faith. The student will learn that a Scriptural understanding of the basic tenets of faith is needed to live a continuous victorious life.


BE 101 Biblical Economics: This is an introductory course in both microeconomics and macroeconomics which introduces the student to concepts that will enable them to understand and analyze structure and performance of the market economy. In understanding the decision-making process as it applies to individuals and corporate entities, the student should then be able to assess and identify the moral issues at stake.


CG 101 Church Government and Politics: This course will introduce Bible principles of Church Government such as the office of Pastor, Elder, Bishop and Deacon. The student will study four types of government with focus on the Independent Church and how it is set up. In addition, the Biblical and Spiritual place Ministry has in politics will be addressed.


PR 101 Prayer: This course offers a scriptural look at the various types of prayers: Prayer of Petition, Prayer of Consecration, Prayer of Agreement, Prayer of Praise and Worship (Thanksgiving), Prayer of Commitment, Prayer of Intercession, Prayer of Supplication, and United Prayer.

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