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Year Two


Year Two Course Requirements 


BI 201 Study of Acts:  This course conducts an expository study of the Book of Acts with consideration of main events, characters, the early church, and how it affects us today. Also study of the two main characters in the Book of Acts: Peter and Paul and their lives, ministries, trials, tests, imprisonments and writings.


BI 202 Ministry Gifts: This course helps the student become familiar with each ministry gift that Jesus gave to the church: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher as well as ministries that are supportive to the fivefold ministry offices.


BI 203 Bible Characters: This course conducts a systematic survey of the lives of men and women found in scripture. The study will examine their strengths and weaknesses; their achievements and failures; and the “fusion of God’s divine providence with human personality.”


MU 201 Music/Praise and Worship: This course will provide an opportunity to develop musical knowledge and performance skills related to Praise and Worship. In addition major emphasis will be placed on why music is mentioned 989 times in the Scriptures and why God places such a major priority on it.


CR 201 Comparative Religions: This course will examine the principal religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their impact on society. In addition, a broad-based study of the major cults and belief systems that diabolically oppose Bible-based Christianity will be examined.


EV 201 Evangelism: This course will assist in training for Evangelism and gain insight regarding the additional functions of an Outreach Department.


CH 201 Church History: This course introduces the student to contemporary phenomena such as the history of the church years ago and the present state of the Christian church today.  This course recants the different movement of Christianity  as well as some of the leading personalities behind these movements.


FA 201 Pneumatology/Penteostal Theology: This course is an in-depth study of the Holy Spirit’s character and the fundamental doctrines of the Christian church. A few of these doctrines considered to be “distinctive’ to the Pentecostal movement include the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and the operation of spiritual gifts. This course aims to establish the students in foundational teachings.


CM 201 Children’s Ministry: This course will help church leaders understand today’s children, understand how to lead them and how to develop programs to best minister to their spiritual needs.


CO 201 Counseling: This course is intended to acquaint the student with the basic concepts, principles, and theories of counseling. Particular, though not exclusive, attention is given to theories of learning, intelligence, child development, personality, motivation, and abnormal behavior. In addition, Biblical principles will be examined that apply to the area of counseling and through this knowledge, accurate and effective application of these principles can be made in counseling situations.


MI 201 Plans, Purposes and Pursuits: This course is designed to help students examine plans, purpose, and pursuits. The course will also help locate areas in the student’s life where adjustments and perhaps changes need to be made in order to walk in the perfect will of God.


MI 202 Find Your Place in the Ministry/Ministerial Ethics: This course will assist the student in identifying, developing and moving forth in whatever gift God has imparted to them in order to be a blessing to the Body of Christ. Also, this course will make each student aware of God’s view of the ethical and moral standing of a minister of the Gospel.


MI 203 Principles and Practices of Preaching: This homiletic course will highlight the paramount need for prayerful preparation and effectiveness presentation of the gospel message.


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